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Mentorship for Mental Health Practitioners in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

Mentorship for Mental 
Practitioners in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy 



Dear Practitioners,


I am currently opening my equine practice to LMFT, AMFT, LCSW, ASW, LPCC, Ph.D and Psy.D practitioners who wish to further develop their skills in persuit of their CBEIP-MH Certification. I am offering group and one on one personal and professional sessions to count towards CEU's and or hours for your CBEIP Certification. This is what I am currently offering as a bridge to other programs and internships to support you in implementing your craft of therapy into equine facilitated psychotherapy.


The Mission of the Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals (CBEIP) is to promote voluntary, independent certification by examination and verification of professional experience for those who incorporate equines into their mental health or education/coaching


The Mental Health Practitioners Mentorship Program is Designed for:
1. Mental Health Practitioners in pursuit of personal and professional growth and development.

2. Mental Health Practitioners gathering hours for CBEIP credentialing.
3. Mental Health Pacticioners who are working towards starting their own business with the

partnership of horses.
4. Mental Health Practitioners who can commit for 6 month in a small group setting and or individually one on one. Meeting times are TBD based on needs.

Mentorship will include:
1. Learning the difference between coach and therapist. This will also mean finding how your therapist training merges with being in the moment and working present day with clients.
2. Building on your strengths as a therapist and learning to implement them into your work with clients, groups and or organizations.
3. Working on emotional blocks and areas that may hold you back from being able to fully offer this work. This may include sessions with me to work through and resolve struggles keeping you from moving forward.
4. How to assess rediness for equine work within the population you work with. Supporting you in defining this.
5. How to clinically implement equine facilitated psychotherapy. Deciding if and how you want to run your practice. Will this be an adjunctive therapy for those I work with? With this be part of my practice? My whole practice? How will I prepare financially and what will that look like? .

Other areas of development include
Treatment Planning and clinical review of clients

Safety with horses/Use of clinical assessment with new clients come in

Learning how to write liability and waivers for your practice
Support with navigating finding a place to partner with horses. Navigating what look for and questions to ask owners and facilities

Best ethics, standards and risk management for mental health providers


My job as a mentor is to support you by assessing where holes maybe in your skills, preperation and readiness personally and professionally so you/ we can work together so you are ready to step into your dream. I will give honest feedback and support to help you reach your goals.


In heart,
Lindsey Wert, LMFT, CEIP-MH HorseDream Partner

Lindsey Wert, CEIP-MH







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