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     Exploring Wild Landscapes 
Honoring the Coastal Miowk, now known as Petaluma

Ecopsychology at heart, is the interconnectedness between all that exists. It is the healing in which mind, body and spirit are in relationship to nature and the whole web of life. In my heart words it is the connection that will help heal our Earth, psychological struggles and unite with the balance many humans have lost do to the complexity of technology, capitalism and rugged individualism. It brings us back to the evening stars that connect us from the sky above, the wisdom of our ancestors and that reality, like plants, we too reach to grow, flower, give fruit and live amongst others. Like a vast field of different plants, species and organisms we are all one. It is the thinking we are not one that creates neurosis, dissociation, fear, isolation and lack of meaning/purpose. 


This is why I have begun to interweave Ecotherapy/Ecopsychology offering one on one on the land as well as pairing this sacred work with the pairing of equine partnership. The feedback is inspiring, honest and many times matter of fact. As a Certified Wilderness First Responder I am called to offer one day Earth walks and Vision Fasts in the future. It is my hope to become what I truly believe is a rites of passage guide as I study with the School of Lost Boarders and continue to participate in my own Vision Fasts/Ecological work to be able to full incorporate the wisdom needed to embody these gifts in fullness. I truly believe that this type of work is needed to help individuals fully heal from complex trauma and suffering My work is informed and inspired by The Four Shields: The Initiatory Seasons of Human Nature by, Steven Foster and Meredith Little.


With heart,

Lindsey Wert, LMFT-CEIP-MH  

Lindsey is a certified in Ecotherapy through Holos Institute and is currently undergoing training with School of Lost Boarders for further learning.

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